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PfCONA was formed in 1985 by residents who wanted a forum for neighborhood groups to collectively air their concerns and work together to resolve problems. 

Its goal is "Building Community Together."

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Video Recordings

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October 12, 2015 Council Candidates Forum

Pflugerville Council Candidates running for election on November 3, 2015 included:Place 5 candidates Mike Heath and Rudy Metayer and Place 3 candidates Omar Peña and Phil Osars Emia. Download the program (PDF) The Moderator asked two questions and the audience submitted written questions and four were chosen and read by the moderator. Candidate answers were limited to 2 minutes. Click on the link to see answers to specific questions. Update: Final election winners were Mike Heath and Omar Peña.

1. Do you favor the creation of a City financed fire department or EMS to service the residents with the City limits? Watch Now

2. Would you favor making Pflugerville streets more bike friendly with bike lanes, especially when Weiss Lane is widened? Watch Now

3. How are you voting on Prop 1 (animal shelter) and are you willing to commit City general funds to bring it up to state requirements? Watch Now

4. Street and sidewalks are in poor condition in Pflugerville. What are your plans on getting them repaired or replaced? Watch Now

5. What are your specific plans to bring good business here? How are you going to build the City's economic foundations? Watch Now

6. Describe your vision for Pflugerville in the next 5, 10, 20, years and how you will make sure that vision is sustainable for the growth of the city? Watch Now

Speakers on Bond Propositions: Two speakers, Rodney Blackburn and Steph Domenech.presented their arguments for & against Proposition 1 on the animal shelter and Proposition 2 Weiss Lane Improvements. Watch now..

October 20, 2014 Fall Candidate Forum

Candidate Forum includes candidates for Pflugerville City Council, Place 2,, Brad Marshall and Rudy Metayer, Justice of the Peace Judge, Precinct 2, Glenn Bass-R and Randall Slagel-D, and State Representatives, District 50, Celia Israel-D and Mike VanDeWalle-R.. Congratulations to the final winners: Brad Marshall (60.16% of vote), Randall Slagel (50.82% of vote ), and Celia Israel (58.67% of vote). All Travis County election results.

April 22, 2013 PISD Board Candidate Forum

(Complete Event), Duration: 81:48

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